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All Aboard! By: Melanee Stearns or Libby Humason Introduction: Have you ever wanted to take a train trip to another city in California? What would you do when you got there? You are going to take a "train trip" to a city of your choice. You will then tell us about your trip when you return. Prior Knowledge: Students should have prior experience with: telling time, reading charts and maps, using compass directions (NSEW), calculating distances on a map. Grade Level: 2-4 Task: Each student group will create a display showing a "train trip" to a destination of their choice from a teacher-made list. Students will also answer a series of questions related to their trip. Groups will present their displays. Resources: Welcome to QuickRail! ( Road map of California, Poster board or butcher paper, Scratch paper, Pencils, Crayons or markers, Clock manipulative. Process: 1. The teacher will give each group of students one California road map and a list of the following cities: Emeryville, Fresno, Fullerton, Los Angeles, Oakland, Oceanside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco (Ferry Building), San Jose. 2. Each group of students will choose a city they would like to visit. 3. Students will figure out and record the mileage to their destination. 4. Students will select the "Plan-A-Trip" link from the QuickRail site. They will select their city of
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All Aboard! - All Aboard Page 1 of 3 SCORE Mathematics...

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