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Introduction: c A trip across the USA. c Each team will choose any state capital on the east coast as their starting point. c They will travel west stopping at each state capital along the way and record miles traveled. c Be the team to reach Sacramento, California with the fewest number of miles traveled to win the prize. Prior Knowledge: c Students should have prior experience with graphing, reading maps, and locating various states and capitals. Grade Level: 4-7 Task: c Each student group will create a chart or table showing the number of miles traveled from state capital to state capital and then total number of miles driven. c Students will gather data and use this information to find total trip expenses. Students will present their findings to the class. Resources: c MapQuest ( c Howard Johnson ( ) *(this site can only be accessed from a frames capable browser). Process: 1. Each team of students will decide which capital they will begin the race in, discuss which way they think will be the fastest, and analyze why they have made that decision. 2. The team will design a chart or table to record the mileage from capital to capital. Using Map Quest they will begin the trip. 3. Upon reaching Sacramento, each team will total the number of miles traveled. 4. The students (using the average of twenty-three miles per gallon of gas at $1.37) will determine how much money would be needed in order to buy gas for the trip. 5. The students will determine that if sixty miles an hour was averaged and time traveled was nine SCORE Mathematics Standards Connections California Here We Come! By: Jeanine Hill Page 1 of 5 California Here We Come! 10/29/2008
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hours a day, how many days would it have taken to make the trip? 6. The students will then calculate number of days needed if they only traveled seven hours a day averaging sixty miles an hour. 7. The students, using either the answer from number five or six, will decide how much money was
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