Cartooning and California - Thats All Folks! - Cartooning...

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5/08 RUSD VAPA Instructional Services 1 “That’s All Folks! - Cartooning and California” 4 th Grade History/Social Science and Visual Arts Background Information: California has been and is a mecca for the arts. In the early 1900’s, in the earliest years of the industry, motion picture production companies from New York and New Jersey started moving to California because of the good weather and longer days. Although electric lights existed at that time, none were powerful enough to adequately expose film; the best source of illumination for movie production was natural sunlight. Besides the moderate, dry climate, they were also drawn to the state because of its open spaces and wide variety of natural scenery. The first movie studio in the Hollywood area, Nestor Studios, was founded in 1911 by Al Christie for David Horsley in an old building on the northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street. In the same year, another fifteen Independents settled in Hollywood. Hollywood came to be so strongly associated with the film industry that the word "Hollywood" came to be used colloquially to refer to the entire industry. The twentieth century was an exciting time in California. Besides the rise of the filmmaking industry, dance, literature, and art were flourishing. People from all over the world wanted to come to California. In the last quarter of the twentieth century there were more new museums opened in Los Angeles then any other place in the world. One of the most expensive buildings in the world is located in the hills of Brentwood/Malibu, the Getty Museum of Art complex. Jackson Pollack, a famous artist of the 1950’s attended Grant Elementary in Riverside. With the growth of the film industry a new movie genre was developed by Walt Disney. Walt Disney was the first person to mix animation (moving cartoons) and sound. The rest is California history with cartoon characters, e.g. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, and animated film classics, e.g. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.
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Cartooning and California - Thats All Folks! - Cartooning...

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