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Striking Out Stress - Striking Out Stress A'Gallery Walk...

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Striking Out Stress: A 'Gallery Walk' Activity Subjects Health Mental Health Our Bodies Grades 6-8 9-12 Brief Description This lesson teaches about stress and how to cope with its effects. Objectives Students identify situations that cause feelings of stress. determine and discuss positive/healthy ways to cope with stressful situations. Keywords stress, holidays, body, psychology, guidance, mental, health, cope, coping Materials Needed 6 sheets of poster board (or chart paper) 6 crayons or magic markers adhesive tape CD or audio tape player and a selection of lively music chalk Lesson Plan Discuss with students the definition of stress. Write students thoughts on a chalkboard or chart as they express them. After a brief period of sharing, review with students the ideas they have offered. Emphasize that stress can cause powerful feelings, as well as biological changes in the body. Allow students to brainstorm some feelings and biological changes that stress can cause. Write their responses on a board or chart.
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