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DOL show - The Dimensions of Learning The Dimensions of...

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Unformatted text preview: The Dimensions of Learning The Dimensions of Learning T h e M o d e l Personal & Academic Habits of Mind Habits Acquiring and Integrating Extending and Refining Using Knowledge and Using Skills in a Meaningful Way Way Attitudes and Perceptions about Learning Attitudes and Perceptions Attitudes and Perceptions about School q Classroom q Acceptance Climate from teachers & students q Comfort and Order q Task q Are / Assignments / Activities the assigned tasks valuable, clear, and do the students have tha ability to complete them? Habits of Mind Habits of Mind q What characteristics of the learner do you hope are fostered as a result of the learning process? q Self-Regulation q Creative Thinking q Critical Thinking Using Using Knowledge & Skills in a Meaningfully Way q In what “real life” ways will students use the knowledge gained? q Decision making, Investigation, Experimental Inquiry, Problem Solving, Invention, or Systems Analysis Acquiring & Acquiring & Integrating Knowledge q Declarative q Students Knowledge will learn that.... q Procedural q Students Knowledge will learn how to...... Extending and Extending and Refining Knowledge q What activities will be used to take students beyond the basic knowledge? q Comparing, Classifying, Inductive & Deductive Reasoning, Analyzing Errors, Constructing Support, Abstracting, or Analyzing perspectives www.mcrel.org Team Task Develop a lesson for your grade level or subject area that teaches students the basics of a computer system and it’s uses. The lesson will reflect all five dimensions of learning. ...
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