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Lesson Plan Rubric - Dimensions of Learning Lesson Plan...

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Dimensions of Learning Lesson Plan Rubric Exceeds Expectation (3) Meets Expectation (2) Does Not Meet Expectation (1) Comments Formative and  Summative  Assessment   DOL 0 The lesson uses a number of formative and summative assessment strategies to address student learning within all dimensions of the learning process. The assessments appropriately measure the type of knowledge and skills learned. Formative and summative assessments are used to monitor learning. The assessments are limited in measuring learning in all areas. Only one type of assessment is used and fails to measure growth in all dimensions of learning. Using Knowledge in  a Meaningful Way  DOL 5 The task reflects real-life skills and situations that students are able to accomplish using actual “tools of the trade”. The task reflects real-life skills encountered in adult living. The task lacks connection to actual life skills. Extending and 
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