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MSS330LAB1 - Alphabet Stretch – Put your body in the...

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LAB #1 MATERIALS NEEDED: Index Cards with Hall of Shame Games Listed on Them Handouts for Education and Physical Education Goals Markers and Poster Paper Tape/Thumb Tack to Hang Posters 20 Cones Index Cards with Personal and Social Issues Listed on Them Instant Activity Grab Bag Greet them at the door and have them pick up the Education/Physical Education Goals handout While filling out Goals handout, have the students draw a “Hall of Shame” game. Group Students according to the game they drew The groups will come up with a skit, song, or drawing that describes why their game was chosen for the “Hall of Shame” Have Groups present their game Have a volunteer record list of activities on a poster and have them hang it on the wall Traditional Warm-ups: Students come up with activities and the class will perform them Non Traditional Warm-ups: Race Cars – 1 st gear, 2 nd gear, 3 rd gear, 4 th gear, 5 th gear, reverse Animal Walks – move like a dinosaur, cheetah, monkey, alligator, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Alphabet Stretch – Put your body in the shape of the letter “A”, can you think of another way, and another Sports Craze – Naming sports and having them go through the motions Wave Stretch – important to learn how long one should hold a stretch Write on the board: 1. How did it make you feel? 2. Who was making the decisions? 3. What choices did the students have? 4. What was the level of motivation? Break Place personal/social labels on students backs Have students practice getting in groups – give them several examples of how to get people in groups and try an activity with each – Partner fitness, group fitness Debrief – How did it feel? Could you guess what your personal/social issue was? Explain how this is real life in the public schools today Philosophy of Inclusion – All students have the right to learn. Now give them a chance! Instant Activity Grab Bag – All inclusive instant activities...
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