MSS330LECTURE1 - 2 Logger Partner – Favorite movie 3...

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LECTURE #1 MATERIALS NEEDED: 1. Syllabus for every student 2. Index Cards 3. Hall of Shame Handouts 4. Copy of Current Text Book to Show Students 5. Dry Erase Markers 6. Lesson Plan Handouts 7. Evaluation of Lesson Plan Handouts INTRODUCTION: Meet and greet every student at the door and hand them an index card The students will fill out emergency cards that state: 1. First and last name 2. Phone number 3. Alternate phone number (cell – work) 4. E-mail address 5. Emergency contact name and phone number Introduction of myself and give my background information Have students pick up syllabus Go over syllabus up to point break down Activity: People to People 1. High Five Partner – Tell them your middle name
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Logger Partner – Favorite movie 3. Thumb War Partner – Favorite time of day 4. Dairy Farmer Partner – Favorite food 5. Ice Dancing Partner – Favorite Sport 6. Create Your Own Handshake – Favorite Music 7. Monkey Partner – Favorite Animal 8. Motorcycle Partner – Favorite mode of transportation 9. Recall Partner – Recall all the names of all your partners Go over rest of the syllabus Activity: Have you ever…… Think of five memories you have from elementary physical education and write them down Splatter the board with the information – Sit/Stand for positive vs. negative memories Introduce the “Hall of Shame”...
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MSS330LECTURE1 - 2 Logger Partner – Favorite movie 3...

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