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Unformatted text preview: ! " # %# # $ & ' ( ( # # ) # # * + , ! # "' # ./ ./ . # # 0 .! . .( # .( # # -( + . SOLAR SYSTEM FUN! SUN: The sun is very hot and you must move your feet as fast as you can to avoid getting them burned. MERCURY: Mercury is the fastest rotating planet. Like Mercury, run around the sun as fast as you can one time. VENUS: Venus is called the Earth’s twin. Get with a partner, pretend that you are looking into a mirror. You do two movements with your partner mirroring you then switch. EARTH: The Earth is known for having the most water. Get in a circle with your group and do the wave around the circle three times. MARS: Mars is the planet where Martian’s live. Show me what a Martian looks like and show me four different ways it moves. JUPITER: Jupiter is the biggest planet. With five of your biggest jumps, how far can you travel? SATURN: Saturn is known for it’s many rings. Pick up your hula hoop and try to spin it around your body six times in a row. Can you find six different body parts you can do this with? URANUS: Uranus is unique because it spins sideways. Try to twist or roll in seven different ways. NEPTUNE: Neptune is one of the only planets we have not been able to photograph. You will act like Neptune and flee from the photographer who will act like the tagger. Everyone is a photographer and you must try to tag eight people before you can head back PLUTO: Pluto is the furthest planet from the sun, therefore the coldest. It is made of Ice! Slide around like you are ice skating on this planet for nine seconds. ...
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