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Teaching Evaluation Form : EDUC 330 YES NO Comments Pedagogy Skills 3 2 1 0 N/A A Management 1 Equipment distribution is safe and quick 2 Students are involved in distributing/collecting equipment 3 There is sufficient/accessible equipment for all students 4 Children know and teacher uses start/stop signals 5 Uses Space appropriately 6 Smooth Transitions 7 Demo's when needed/uses students when possible 8 Could all students see and hear the teacher 9 Non traditional formations 10 "Play" area is marked out B Teaching Behavior 1 Teacher stands in front of students when giving instructions 2 Teacher moves through the class when students are active 3 Teacher checks for safety
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Unformatted text preview: 4 Teacher gives prompts and teaching cues 5 Teacher gives positive, congruent, task specific feedback 6 Informs, extends, and refines tasks 7 Gives loud and clear instructions 8 Appropriate level of vocabulary 9 Uses time not numbers for activity 10 Reinforces social skills C Learning Opportunities 1 Activities are designed to meet the objective 2 Activities provide for students to be successful 3 Success level higher than failure level 4 Students have choices 5 Groups adequate for high level of activity 6 Practice time/ frequency is high 7 Modifies when appropriate TOTAL GRADE Additional Comments:...
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