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MSS 330 – SELF AND PEER EVALUATION/REFLECTION DIRECTIONS: Now that you have completed your teaching assignment it is time to reflect on what you have been through. I would like you to give yourself a grade on your teaching lesson and explain in detail why you feel you deserve that grade. I would also like you to give your partner a grade and describe why you feel they deserved that grade. I would like two separate written reflections, one on yourself and the other on your partner. What you write
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Unformatted text preview: is completely confidential. This way you can be open and honest with your response. On your self-reflection, after you have given yourself a grade and explained why, please write a reflection on your teaching experience. What did you like about the lesson? What would you change and why? What happened that you did not expect? What happened that made you feel excited about your lesson and why? What was frustrating to you? How does this make you feel about teaching physical education?...
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