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MSS330ComponentsOfALessonLecture - INTO INTO ►Instant...

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Unformatted text preview: INTO: INTO: ►Instant Activity ►Anticipatory Set THROUGH: ►Demonstration/Lesson Modeling ►Practice ►Activity BEYOND: ►Closure ►Application/Extensions INSTANT ACTIVITY INSTANT ► Students are instantly involved ► Takes a short time to model and explain the rules ► Warms the students up and prepares them for learning ► Usually aerobic in nature ► All students are actively involved ANTICIPATORY SET ANTICIPATORY ► Motivates Motivates the students about what they will be learning be ► Building blocks for the rest of the lesson ► Tap into prior knowledge ► Informs the students about the content they Informs will be working through will DEMONSTRATION/ LESSON MODELING MODELING ► Whole and Part ► Teacher Positioning ► Using Students ► Check for Understanding Asking Questions Asking Modeling Appropriately Modeling Asking the whole class to shadow movements Asking ► Teacher’s Focus On Cues SKILL PRACTICE SKILL ► Sequential in Nature ► Developmentally Appropriate ► Feedback and Movement ► Intra-Task Variations Individual or Group Individual Distance, Force, Equipment, Etc… Distance, ► Extentions Whole Class Whole Distance, Force, Equipment, Etc… Distance, ACTIVITY ACTIVITY ► Celebration ► Culminating ► Game/ ► HAVE of Learning Experience Activity FUN!!! CLOSURE CLOSURE ► Review Content ► Make Connections to Past and Present Make Experiences Experiences ► Prepare for the Future ► Assess Skill Development Check for Understanding Check Journals Journals APPLICATION/EXTENSIONS APPLICATION/EXTENSIONS ► Provides Provides Purpose and Meaning Behind the Learning Learning ► Challenges ► Takes the Student Outside of Class Learning Beyond the Classroom NOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE COMPONENTS OF A LESSON… COMPONENTS ► DOES DOES A LESSON PLAN ALWAYS GO THE WAY IT IS PLANNED? WAY YOU NAME THREE THINGS THAT WOULD CHANGE YOUR PLANNED LESSON? WOULD WILL YOU DEAL WITH THE ISSUES? ► CAN CAN ► HOW MINIMIZE OFF-TASK BEHAVIOR MINIMIZE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. PROXIMITY CONTROL POSITIVE PINPOINTING SCANNING SELECTIVE IGNORING BACK TO THE WALL ESTABLISHING PROTOCOLS ESTABLISHING ► Explain the protocol and why it is important ► Model with students the appropriate action ► Practice with the whole class ► Practice with the whole class ► PRACTICE WITH THE WHOLE CLASS!! ► Hold Accountable RE-FOCUS STATION RE ► Holds students accountable them to think them to make better choices ► Forces ► Empowers ► Homework RE-FOCUS STATION PROCEDURES RE 1. 2. 3. 4. WARNING INFORM CLASSROOM TEACHER INFORM PARENT AND PRINCIPAL CONFERENCE WITH STUDENT,PARENT, CONFERENCE CLASSROOM TEACHER, AND PRINCIPAL CLASSROOM RE-FOCUS STATION PROCEDURES RE ► If If you choose to do the homework, it will erase the fact that you went to the re-focus erase focus station station ► If If you choose not to do the homework, you move to the next level move HOMEWORK IDEAS HOMEWORK ► List ► List List 10 appropriate expectations of you in class 10 positive compliments you can give to another student another 10 ways to play safely ► Describe ► Can you think of any? ...
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