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EDUC330MovementFrameworkLecture - MOVEMENT SKILLS MOVEMENT...

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Unformatted text preview: MOVEMENT SKILLS MOVEMENT MOVEMENT CONCEPTS Locomotor Locomotor Non-Locomotor Manipulative LOCOMOTOR LOCOMOTOR Walking Running Hopping Skipping Galloping Chasing Fleeing Dodging NON-LOCOMOTOR NON Turning Twisting Rolling Balancing Transferring Weight Jumping and Landing Stretching Curling MANIPULATIVE MANIPULATIVE Throwing Catching Collecting Kicking Punting Dribbling Volleying Striking with small handled implements Striking with long handled implements SPACE AWARENESS SPACE -Where the body moves EFFORT -How the body moves RELATIONSHIPS -To whom and what the body relates SPACE AWARENESS SPACE LOCATION – self space, general space DIRECTIONS – up/down, up/down, forward/backward, right/left, clockwise/counter clockwise clockwise/counter LEVELS – low, medium, high PATHWAYS (FLOOR/AIR) – straight, PATHWAYS straight, curved, zigzag curved, EXTENSIONS – large/small, far/near EFFORT EFFORT TIME – fast, slow FORCE – strong, light FLOW – bound, free RELATIONSHIPS RELATIONSHIPS OF BODY PARTS – round (curved), narrow, round wide, twisted, symmetrical/nonsymmetrical wide, WITH OBJECTS AND/OR PEOPLE – over/under, on/off, near/far, in front/behind, over/under, along/through, meeting/parting, surrounding, around, alongside around, WITH PEOPLE – lleading/following, eading/following, mirroring/matching, unison/contrast, between groups, groups, partners, solo, alone in a mass groups, ...
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