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MSS330PhysicalEducationFrameworkLecture - PHYSICAL...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYSICAL EDUCATION FRAMEWORK GOALS FRAMEWORK MOVEMENT SKILLS / MOVEMENT MOVEMENT KNOWLEDGE MOVEMENT SELF-IMAGE / PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT MOVEMENT SKILLS / MOVEMENT KNOWLEDGE MOVEMENT Motor Learning Biomechanics Exercise Physiology Health Related Fitness SELF-IMAGE / SELF IMAGE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PERSONAL Psychology Aesthetics Human Growth and Development SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL Sociology Historical Perspectives SKILL AREAS SKILL Sensorimotor and Perceptual motor Locomotor Nonlocomotor Balance Eye-Hand Coordination Eye-Foot Coordination General Coordination Creative Movement CONTENT AREAS CONTENT Rhythms and Dance Aquatics Combatives (self defense, fencing) Outdoor Education Gymnastics and Tumbling Individual and Dual Sports Team Sports Mechanics of Body Movement Effects of Physical Activity on Dynamic Effects Health Health ...
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