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Melvil Dewey: He Was One for the Books Page 1 of 3 Lib Inf 1- Introduction to Library Services Denise K. Fourie, Cuesta College Reading: Melvil Dewey: He Was One for the Books American Histor y Illustrated - April 1986: 38-39 by Joseph Gustaitis 180that's Ancient Philosophy. Music? That would be around 780. And if you want U.S. History, that, of course, would be in the 970s. Those of us who spent many useful hours in the library practically memorized the numbers. They are, of course, the numbers of the Dewey Decimal System. But though we're nearly all familiar with the system, few of us know the man behind it. Yes, there really was a Mr. Dewey, and a formidable person he was. Librarians may have the image of being retiring, but Melvil Dewey annihilates the cliche. He was, in the phrase of a biographer, more like a "fifty-ton tank." Aggressive and relentless, Dewey not only invented the cataloging system that carried his name around the globe, but almost single-handedly established the modern American library system and profession. His very name suggests his personality. If you think "Melvil" is a strange spelling, it is. His name was "Melville," but he was such a fanatic about time-wasting that he devised his own spelling system to eliminate superfluous letters. So he dropped the last two letters of his first name. He even tried to promote his last name as "Dui," but that was too much. Long before physicians discovered the "Type A" personality, Melvil Dewey was a classic one, but unlike most, he lived a long life, working right up until he passed away the day after Christmas 1931, at age eighty. He was born December 10, 1851, in the upstate New York town of Adams Center. Scholarship early captivated his mind; at age twelve, he walked twelve miles to Watertown to lay his hands on a dreamWebster's Dictionary. Perhaps the young Dewey's main characteristic, as his biographer Fre- mont Rider has pointed out, was his intense seriousness. Already the thought of wasting time was
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Melvil Dewey He Was One for the Books - Lib Inf 1-...

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