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Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Aim: By the end of this stage students will be introduced to the topic / see doc. entitled (neighborhood gangs) Stage: warm- up/introduction Page: 1 Time: 16/18min Method: The teacher will ask each student to describe for the class their close network of friends that they hang around with and share activities and what kind of activities / list these on the board/ write (our gang )on the board The teacher will explain that that in many cases this society of friends is referred to as “our gang” And that this term is also used by groups of people that form a group for the purpose of engaging in illegal activities The teacher will ask the class to describe any clubs or organizations that they or people they know belong to, and what they do and how they work /list these on the board Teacher will explain that there are clubs and organizations that that are similar , but have an agenda related to criminal activity, and these are called gangs Teacher will ask the students to share what they may know about gangs, Chinese, other countries, movies, television, ethnic, ect. The teacher will then read (neighborhood gangs) Teacher will prompt feed back from the class Comments Aim: Introduction of the topic and vocabulary / see GANG AGENDA’S AND TYPE Stage: practice Page: Time:16/19 Method: Introduction of the different gang categories Teacher will write the main topic on the board (Gangs) and list the different subcategories / gangster / prison gangs / ethnic gangs / famous gangs / neighborhood gangs / gangs in china / tattoos ,symbols and colors . Each subtopic will then be addressed one at a time The students will first be asked what they know before the teacher defines the subtopic. Ex: “what is a gangster can any one in the class tell me” The teacher will then explain the definition of the subtopic and write a brief definition on the board instructing the students to each copy it down. The teacher will then ask the class if they can think of anymore gang types that might be added compelling the class to tell what they may know. These new types will be added as well as a short definition of consensus , and will also be written down Comments Aim: Students will understand the vocabulary from the previous stage Stage: Practice Page: Time: 16/19min Method: Students helping students Students will be divided into groups of three Students will work together in their groups going over their lists helping each other to make a list of questions about gangs in general (3Q,s) The groups will take turns asking their questions The teacher will ask if any one can answer the question
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The teacher will answer any questions for the class that it cant answer for itself The teacher will then go down the list and ask the class short questions about the definitions Comments Aim: Define what gangs do / see gang activities Stage:practice Page: Time: 16/19min Method: While still in their groups of three the teacher will ask the class to brainstorm
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ADV Gangs - Teacher Stage: warmup/introduction Page: 1...

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