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The Universe Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Tanya UNI Resources needed: Picture of Universe/solar system. Hand out on Big Bang Theory Hand out on planets and sun Balloon Aim: Is to have fun Stage: Icebreaker Page: Time: 5-8 Method: Introductions of names Teacher will ask them one question like ‘Where would you like to go?’ etc Comments Aim: Students will understand the history of the Earth and the Universe Stage: Warm-up Page: Time: 25-30 Method: Teacher will ask SS how old they are, how old China is etc. SS have to guess a number of how old Earth is – Answer: 4.5 to 4.6 billion years old ‘What is the Universe, and what does it include?’ Write down the list on the board. Explaining any vocabulary that is not known. Then give a handout depicting the Universe and another showing a star, a planet etc. SS have to guess how old the Universe is – Answer: ‘How did the Universe begin?’ Give demonstration with a balloon of the Big Bang Theory. After discussion read the handout with Teacher reading one line and SS echoing the script. Using a balloon as a model for the expansion. Also pre-teaching any words unknown. CCQ their comprehension. SS will then read get in groups and take it in turns to read from the handout given on the Big Bang Theory and in groups they must visually show the creation of the Universe giving a short story in their own words Comments Stage: Practice Page: Time: 15-20 Aim: Students will understand where they live in point of reference to the Universe
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Method: Drawing attention to the present continuous tense, Teacher will ask questions to keep expanding point of reference of where we live using the globe and balls to represent our solar system. 1. ‘Where are we sitting now?’ 2. ‘Where is this school?’ 3. ‘Where is Harbin?’ 4. ‘Where is China?’ 5. ‘Where is Earth?’ Give handout of the word solar system is and what is in it. CCQ - ‘How many planets are there in our solar system’ ‘Who can name them?’ ‘Does anyone know anything about them?’ Teacher will ask students to stand with labeled balls in reference to Earth. Comments Aim: Students will understand the differences between the planets that live in our solar system Stage: Practice Page: Time: 15-20 Method: Teacher will pre-teach any words that may not be understand. SS will read the handouts with characteristics on the planets and the sun In 8 groups (1 group will do 2) SS will extract information from the planet or sun given and teach them to the other class members writing key points on the board. Each SS will speak. CCQ – Ask each group questions to check their comprehension of material for e.g. Is Mars closest to Earth or Pluto? ‘Why can we live on Earth? What makes it sustainable?’
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ADV The Universe - The Universe Teacher Tanya Day Time...

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