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Alcohol Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Resources needed: Hand outs Optional: plastic cups, a couple ping pong balls, a few big bottles of water Aim: Students will familiarize themselves with the relevant vocab needed to complete the lesson. Stage: Page: Time:10 min Method: The teacher will write vocab words from page 10 in the lesson resource booklet on the board along with simple definitions of each word. Teacher will then run a simple read and repeat drill to ensure that the words are being pronounced correctly. The students will then be divided into groups and be given a handout containing the vocab words and definitions and will drill each other in groups on the definitions and pronunciation of each word. While this exercise is going on the teacher should be walking each table or group to ensure proper classroom behavior and proper pronunciation is being implemented Teacher should correct problems on a reasonable level to avoid classroom interruption. Comments10min Aim: Students with further familiarize themselves with the above vocab by putting words into specific context. Stage: Page: Time:15 Method: The students will be given all handouts with the discussion articles. Working in the same teams as before the students will scan the articles looking for all relevant vocab words. Once the students have found each word they must create their own sentences from the words found in the handout. After the students complete their sentences one member from each group will be elected to read 5 of the 17 sentences aloud to the class. The teacher will correct issues that may arise in grammar, pronunciation, etc. Comments 25 mins Aim: Students will read the first two articles in order to better prepare themselves for a class discussion. Stage: Page: Time:15 Method: The teacher will read the articles aloud with the students following along. Then one student from each group will be elected to read aloud to their peers. The teacher should be walking the class to correct any errors. Comments 40
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Aim: Students will participate in a discussion about the pros and cons of alcohol. Stage: Page: Time:15 Method: Using the questions provided on pages 5 in your lesson booklet, try to generate a classroom discussion. Try to keep your interactions with the class to a minimum to ensure the students are speaking 80% of the time. Comments 55 Aim: Students will continue the above conversation with the relevant topic Stage: Page: Time:15 Method: The students will role play a court room scene in which one side is defending the consumption and sale of alcohol in its current form and the other is for further restrictions including banning alcohol. The teacher is to play the role of the judge while two elected students from
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INT Alcohol - Alcohol Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class...

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