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American Music Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class - Pictures of artists/bands - Pictures of Instruments - CD soundtracks of music - American Music handout - Pieces of paper with an instruments and music styles written on them Aim: By the end of this stage students will have participated in reading a basic article on American music Stage: Warm-up Page: Time: 8-10 min Method: Group reading - Teacher will pre-teach questionable vocabulary in the handout - Students will take turns reading the handout until every student has had a chance to read a part of it. Comments Aim: By the end of this stage students will have brainstormed a list of words that directly relate to this subject. Stage: Production Page: Time: 15-20 min Method: Vocabulary Map - In the middle of the board, draw a circle, Inside the circle write the word “American Music” - Stemming off the large circle, draw 5 smaller circles. Inside the circles write musical instruments, types of music, opinions on American music, ways to listen to American music and ways to learn how to play American music. - Divide students into 5 groups and assign each group one of the subtopics to brainstorm and give them 4-5 minutes to list as many subtopics to the subtopic they were assigned - For example, types of music: rock n’ roll, country and western. - After 4-5 minutes, get feedback from the students and write their words on the board Comments Aim: By the end of this stage students will have been introduced to the different types of American music and the popular bands and musicians who perform it. Stage: Practice Page: Time: 15-20 Method: Pictures and sound tracks/Role playing - Teacher will hold up many different pictures of various popular music groups/bands and ask the students for the name of the groups.
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- Students will be divided up in groups of 5 (depending on the number of students in the overall class) and given a picture of a band. They will brainstorm to determine the type of music they perform, i.e., rock n roll, country/western, classical, jazz, pop. - Teacher will play a portion of music corresponding to each band for each group. - Students will brainstorm which band member they will emulate and a soundtrack of music will be played from the special music and the group will act out the band in front of the class, i.e., one will be the guitarist, the bass guitarist, vocals, drums, keyboards, horned instrument, etc.
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INT American Music - American Music Teacher Day Time Branch...

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