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University- Speaking “Hobbies” Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Lesley 1/12 Resources needed: handouts (below); scrap paper DO THIS ACTIVITY ON MONDAY, SO CAN TALK ABOUT HOW THEY SPENT THEIR WEEKEND TIME. Aim: by the end of this stage students will have warmed up to the topic of hobbies by talking about what they did on the weekend, and brainstorming ideas about other hobbies. Stage: warm-up / introduction Page: Time: 10-15 mins Method: whole-of-class input, then group brainstorm Teacher writes HOBBIES up on board “Good morning class, how are you?” Teacher then, keeping the tone conversational, asks what they did on the weekend. Keeping it informal, to warm-up without lecturing or obviously teaching. Teacher prompting by talking about own activities if necessary, briefly. Ask individuals. Spend a couple of minutes only on this, then ask students in groups, to brainstorm for 4-5 minutes, a list of possible weekend activities that they may have read about, seen, in real-life or on TV, or that someone else they know does, or they may like to do. During the brainstorming, teacher monitors, prompts if any groups stuck, warns about time-lapse. After 4 – 5 minutes, get feedback from students and write their words on the board, under hobbies. Comments Aim: by the end of this stage, students will have extended their concept-knowledge and vocabulary to include “hobbies, recreation, fun, active, refreshing and diverting”, if they don’t already know these, the meanings of ‘hobby’ and ‘recreation’ Stage : introduction Page: Time: 10-15 mins Method: CCQs These are all hobbies” “Can anyone tell me what the meaning of hobby is” After discussion, teacher writes up on the board, the definition of hobby, as “A hobby is a spare-time recreational pursuit” “What is recreational?” After discussion, if any, on what recreation is, teacher writes up the definition “Recreation or fun is the expenditure of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of one’s mind or body. While leisure is more likely a form of entertainment or rest, recreation is active but refreshing and diverting”. “So this is saying that hobbies are recreational, which is similar to fun”
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teacher then writes on the board the key words that students may not understand, Recreation Fun Active Refreshing Diverting Students in their groups to again brainstorm how to explain these concepts, for 4-5 minutes. Students to elect one member to give their idea of what each word means. Depending on group size, hopefully each person in the group gets a chance to talk about one word. If it is a large group (40-80), time dictates that
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INT Hobbies - University Speaking Hobbies Teacher Lesley...

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