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Personal Goals Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Title: Personal Goals Resources needed: Markers Dreams vs. goals article Sticky ball Goals hand out Goals worksheet Motivation article Stress management article Stress management worksheet Time management skills article Planning skills article Planning skills worksheet Aim: Ss will familiarize themselves with what goals are. Stage: Introduction Presentation/ Page: Time: 3-4 minutes Method: Imagine activity/ Discussion Scenario: You have been studying a lot for the school term and you finally have some time off from your studies. The school is going to be closed for ______. You have decided to take a road trip to_____. You are very excited because you have been waiting for some time off from school. Your phone rings and your friend tells you he/she is outside, waiting for you. You quickly grab your bags and wallet/purse and run outside. Your friend has been driving for 2 hours and asks you for a map. You reach for your bag and can’t find your map. You stop at the petrol station to ask for directions and to put gas into the car. The attendant doesn’t know how to get to____. You reach for your wallet and it’s not there. You tell your friend that you have left your wallet at home. Your friend says it’s ok, but only has ____ for the trip. You and your friend find someone that knows where to go. You get to the hotel and give them your name and details. You realize that you were supposed to reserve two rooms and you forgot to. The attendant tells you that they have no rooms available……. Teacher will present scenario. Teacher will have Ss imagine a scenario. Teacher will ask Ss questions like: What went wrong? What could you have done so that they above would not have happened? Teacher will say: “Life is like this when you don’t have some sort of road map or plan. Teacher will ask Ss: What do you think would happen if I decided to come to class without preparing what I have to teach? Teacher will ask Ss what their thoughts are on having some sort of road map or involve some sort of planning. Teacher will ask Ss if they agree with having some sort of road map when dealing with life (school, work, personal, financial (exp. saving money). Ss will respond with their thoughts. Comments
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Aim: Ss will further familiarize themselves with what goals are. Stage: Practice Page: Time: 5-7minutes Method: Dreams vs. Goals Teacher will ask Ss: “What are your dreams? What do you want to do hope to do by the time your ____ (exp. 50 years old)? Teacher will ask for a couple of volunteers (4). Teacher will draw a bull’s-eye and hand Ss a sticky ball Teacher will model for Ss (throw the sticky ball at the bull’s-eye) Ss will take turns trying to hit the bull’s eye Teacher will take the sticky ball and aim for bull’s eye, but won’t throw it. Teacher will then erase the points off the board.
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INT Personal Goals - Personal Goals Teacher Day Time Branch...

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