INT Pop Culture - Popular Culture 80 min University Lesson...

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Popular Culture: 80 min. University Lesson Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class 1/12 Resources needed: Photocopies of handouts (at end of lesson plan) Aim: By the end of this stage, students will be thinking about popular culture and its many subtopics Stage: Warm-up Time: 7-9 mins Method: Elicit Teacher will write Pop-Culture on the board and ask class, “What is popular culture? What makes up pop-culture?” T will give an example or two if they are struggling Teacher will write responses on the board as they are given by students T will be looking for the following list of items and can add any that aren’t thought of by the students: Fashion/Style/Clothes Food/Western food in China Cars Sports/Athletes Music/Singers Celebrities (maybe specific names/icons) Movies/TV/Actors Make sure the Students understand that popular culture encompasses many different facets of culture Comments Aim: Students will have been introduced to Madonna and will be able to talk about her life. Stage: Present Time: 10-12 mins Method: Madonna handout Ask the Students if they have ever heard of Madonna. If so, ask them to tell you some of what they know (i.e. particular songs, why she’s famous, etc.) Pass out the Madonna handout (below) Give Students 5+ minutes to read the handout and fill in the answers of the activity (answers: 4, 3, 6, 5, 9, 1, 8, 7, 2, 11, 10) Go over the answers with Students. Further explain any words that they are struggling with and ask if there are any other words they didn’t understand Comments Aim: Students will be able to understand and discuss Madonna’s relation to pop- culture Stage: Practice Time: 7-10 mins Method: CCQ: Ask the following questions about the article: “When did Madonna start her career?” “When was she born?” “How old is she?” “How was Madonna’s career varied?” “How many times was she married?” “To whom?” “Where was she born?” “Where does she live now?” Break Students into groups and have them discuss what Madonna has to do with (how does she relate to) pop-culture Have a group leader report their group’s discussion findings back to the class Comments
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INT Pop Culture - Popular Culture 80 min University Lesson...

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