INT Stereotypes - Stereotypes Teacher Day Time Branch TA...

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Unformatted text preview: Stereotypes Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Resources needed: • Handout: Stereotypes article + vocab. • Handout: American Internet Post • For both of these articles you will need to choose the vocabulary to pre-teach Aim: Students will discuss common stereotypes about America and China. Stage: Page: Time: Method: • Define “stereotype”; elicit from class • Ask Ss to suggest some common stereotypes about Americans. • Preteach vocab from Stereotypes article. • Hand out stereotypes article, Ss read. After mostly everyone has finished, check comprehension • Break Ss into groups, have them decide whether they think each stereotype on the list is true or false, and why. Then go through the list, explaining where necessary. • Ask for some suggestions of Western Stereotypes about China. • Preteach vocab from internet post. • Hand out internet post, let Ss read. • Break Ss into groups, discuss whether these stereotypes are true? Where did they come from? Is this offensive? Do you think all western people think this way? • Ss share their feelings with the class as a whole. • Break Ss up into groups and have them discuss questions on Internet post handout. • Debate: Break Ss up into larger teams and assign sides: China and the West don’t need to try to learn about each other, agree and disagree. Give Ss 7 minutes to discuss and prepare an argument, and assign a speaker. • Debate presentation. Depending on total number of Ss this could take longer, but ideally, have each team present a 2 minute argument for their side, and allow for shorter counterarguments if there are any. • Debrief: T corrects errors as needed. • What’s the best way to learn about another culture? If you can’t travel there? Does everyone agree that’s important? How does learning culture relate to learning language? Can you learn one without the other?...
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INT Stereotypes - Stereotypes Teacher Day Time Branch TA...

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