INT Video games - Videogames Teacher Day Time Branch TA...

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Unformatted text preview: Videogames Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Resources needed: Pictures of: • Microsoft’s X-BOX/ 360 • Sony’s Playstation 1/2/3 • Nintendo’s NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube and Wii, • Sega’s Master System, Genesis – 32X – Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast. • Handheld systems: Gameboy, Game boy pocket, Game boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Gamegear, Lynx, Nintendo DS and Tiger Electronics handheld games. • ARTICLE: Jonathan Wendal Aim: Ss learn what a videogame is and some other names for video games. Stage: Intro Page: Time: 15 min Method: • Introduce the words: Videogames, Computer games and Gamer. • Elicit some gaming systems that they may know about. Write them on the board. Use hand outs for kids to see the systems. • Talk about a GAMER. A gamer is a person who devotes enough time to gaming to consider it a hobby or lifestyle. Comments Aim: Ss learn some brief history on gaming Stage: History Page: Time: 10 – 15 min Method: • Draw out on the board the two “paddles” used in PONG. A game developed in 1972. It may not be the first game every made, but it’s the first to have been sold as a home system. Talk about ATARI. The 2600 and the 2800. • Early videogames where mostly played on arcade game machines. Later, a lot of those games were ported to a home system. • PC games were developed later and also made their staple in the gaming market. • This is mostly input for the Ss. Try to get the Ss to remember some older games they’ve played. Donkey-Kong, Pong, Pacman, centipede etc. Comments Aim: Ss learn about Genres of games. Presentations and public appeal. Stage: Discussion Page: Time: 30 - 40 min Method: • Introduce some types/genres of games: FPS (First Person Shooters) RTS (Real Time Strategy) Side Scrollers (Mario, Sonic etc.) MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and Simulators (Sim City, The Sims, Microsoft’s Flight-Sim.) • Elicit the types of games they are and get some examples. Names of games. • How did they look compared to the newer games? • From FPS, introduce the topic of a “Gamer” again and then hand out article about Fatal1ty (Jonathan Wendal). Talk about professional gaming • Problems with too much gaming. Solutions. ADDICTION (MMO’s) Comments Aim: Ss learn about the process of game creation and comparatives to Movies. Ss also learn about Educational games. Globalization. Stage: Discussion Page: Time: 20 – 30 min Method: • Elicit whether games can be educational. Examples. Hand held games. Nintendo has a lot of “Brain Teaser” games....
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INT Video games - Videogames Teacher Day Time Branch TA...

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