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PREINT Cultures - 1 Cultures Teacher Liz Resources needed...

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1 Cultures Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Liz Resources needed: Markers Worksheets Aim: If you could transport yourself anywhere instantly, where would you go and why? Stage: intro Page: Time: 10-15 Method: Imagination Station T will ask question. Ss have to pick somewhere outside of China. Ss will talk in groups about where they would go and why. One S from each group will share with the class. Comments Aim: SW take turns teaching vocabulary necessary for this class to the class. Stage: intro/ practice Page: Time: 10-19 Method: Groups P. 3 (cut apart) Each group will be given 1-2 words with definitions. Groups will have 3-4 minutes to prepare. T will monitor and make sure students understand words. Groups will take turns presenting words to class. Each has 2-4 min to present words. If group has more than one word, must have a different speaker for each word. Comments Aim: SWBAT talk about places they’ve been and ppl they’ve met from other cultures. Stage: practice Page: Time: 10-12 Method: worksheet P.4 T will give Ss work sheet. Ss will talk in small groups. Group leader will present some group answers. Comments Aim: SWBAT talk about languages and nationalities of different countries. Stage: Page: Time: 6-10 Method: Cultural worksheet P.5 Ss in groups try to fill out worksheet about language and nationalities. T will go over answers with Ss to make sure everyone has correct answers. Comments Aim: SW discuss misconceptions, practice speaking. Stage: Page: Time: 5-10 Method: T states misconception about China as fact. “All Chinese are good at math.” Writes it on board. misconception: review- what is it? From vocab exercise. Go back to stated misconception- get Ss to correct it. “Some Chinese ppl are
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2 good at math. What are some common misconceptions? Ss give some things that they think might be misconceptions. T writes on board. Comments Aim: SWBAT talk about misconceptions. Stage: Page: Time: 5-10 Method: worksheet P.6 Fact or fiction: In small groups, Ss will decide if statements are fact or fiction. Debunking misconceptions T will go over sheet.
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