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Traveling Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Resources needed: Activity Sheet Photos Country Info Markers Aim: By the end of this stage Ss. will talk about where they think the most popular places to travel are. Stage: Introduction/Warm up. Page: Time: 8-10 minutes Method: Introduce myself to the class, and tell them I'm from Canada. Write the 10 most popular countries to travel to on the board (make sure they are out of order).Write what continent they are in beside them. Ask ss to write down on a piece of paper what their guesses are. Tell ss the correct order by asking , ie. "Who thought England was #1? 1.England, Europe 2.Egypt,Africa 3.Thailand,Asia 4.Greece,Europe 5.India,Asia 6.Tanzania,Africa .7.Italy, Europe 8.Turkey, Europe 9.Peru, South America 10. Spain,Europe. Discuss as a class. Comments Aim: By the end of this stage class will have a discussion about travel. Stage: Production Page: Time: 13-15 minutes Method: Hand out activity sheet: "I have been to _____." "I would like to go to________." Have ss describe places they've been in space underneath. Also answer why they want to go to the places they do in space underneath that section. Give ss 5 minutes Ask ss if anyone has ever traveled? Find out who's been the furthest. Ask ss if they would like to travel? Where would you want to travel to? Where would you NOT want to travel? Comments Aim: By the end of this stage students will look at several photos from different
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countries, and form opinions on the photos. Stage: Production Page: Time: 20-25 minutes. Method: Show attached photos by bringing in a laptop or printing them off. Write the 8 countries that there are photos of on the board. Ss in groups Show photos of different places. In groups, ss will discuss which place they think is which, after seeing each photo. Also discuss what they think life is like in each place based on photos (ie. food, jobs, homes, temperature) Give a few minutes to discuss after each photo, then move on to next. Have ss list which country they'd most want to travel to based on photos Tell ss which places the photos were. Have ss discuss whether their list of where they'd most like to go changes at all now that they know which country it is. Discuss as a class. Comments Aim: By the end of this stage ss will learn a little about each place they just looked at. Stage: Reading/ Practice Page: Time:15-17 minutes Method : Assign a country to each group to read over. Hand out information attached about each country. Give ss 5-7 minutes to read through. One leader from each group will briefly tell us about their country. Comments
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PREINT Traveling - Traveling Teacher Day Time Branch TA...

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