TAI UPINT Are you happy with your body

TAI UPINT Are you happy with your body - Are you happy with...

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Are you happy with your body? -. - -.- - i Discussion You bump into a woman friend in town. You knew she was thinking of having breast implants and you can see that she has obviously had the operation. What do you say to her? a. Nothing. It's too embarrassing. b. "Wow. Those look great! How much did they cost?" c. "Wow. I'm surprised you can stand up straight!" d. Something else. Is plastic surgery popular in your country? Is it expensive? Do you think people who have plastic surgery are too concerned about their looks? Reading Read through the article and answer this question: Is there a similar trend in your country? YOUNGER PLASTIC SURGERY PATIENTS Surgeons at clinics specialising in plastic surgery are reporting increasingly younger patients, according to a report released recently by the National Association of Plastic Surgery in the United States. "They want to look like the people they see in tilms or the models they see in magazines. It's becoming an obsession," said one doctor in a beauty clinic in California. "Last week we had a woman in here who, at 30, said she was looking - too old and wanted a facelift. I told her to came back and see me in 15 years." The average age for patients undergoing plastic surgery over the last year was 32, down from 34 just the year before. In England recently, a 15- year-old girl was in the news for announcing that
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TAI UPINT Are you happy with your body - Are you happy with...

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