TAI UPINT Big Brother is watching

TAI UPINT Big Brother is watching - Big Brother is watching...

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, Big Brother is watching! - Discussion Do you think that your employer has the right to ask about your private life? Tick (J) the questions you think it is OK for an employer to ask: What is your marital status? Do you have children? What is the highest level of formal education you have achieved? What is your religion? Have you ever served in the military? Are you a member of a political party? Do you suffer from any physical disabilities? Do you have any serious diseases? Have you ever been in prison? Have you ever been convicted of a serious traffic offence? Are you homosexual? Have you ever used drugs such as cannabis? Reading The article below describes some issues about privacy in the United States. Is your country similar? Better or worse? In what ways? Shhh ... Someone might be listening! Ever find yourself watching the clock at work? Be careful, it may be watching you. A recent survey by the American Management Association reveals that 32 per cent of major US firms record and keep track of employees'communications and activities while on the job. Today's high-tech miniature cameras, for example, make it easy to keep an eye on you. "You can put them in a fan, a smoke detector, a light switch, you can put them almost anywhere," said one private investigator. What's the benefit? "It keeps people honest," said the director of security at a large retailer in Los Angeles. "And if a company finds employees cheating on them
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TAI UPINT Big Brother is watching - Big Brother is watching...

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