TAI UPINT Death - Death Introduction Do you find this...

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Death Introduction Do you find this conversation offensive? I haven't seen Harry for months. How is he? > Dead! He died just before Christmas. Which would you prefer to say? He passed away just before Christmas. or We lost him just before Christmas. Do you use similar expressions in your language to avoid the words dead or died? If so, what are they? Discussion In your country: 1. When someone dies, what happens to their body? a. It is buried. b. It is cremated. c. Something else 2. Where do funeral ceremonies take place? a. In a church b. At a shrine c. Somewhere else 3. Who usually attends funerals? a. Only men b. Men and women c. Anyone 4. What colour do people wear to signify death? a. Black b. White c. A different colottr 5. What do people usually do at funerals? a. Cry openly and express strong emotions. b. Keep their emotions under control. c. Tr~f not to cry, but cry quietly if they cannot help it. When you die, would you prefer to be buried or cremated? Reading Read the two articles opposite. Then choose the best answers to these two questions: 1. Why do you think nobody sang the final song at the funeral of George Ramsbottom? a. Because they didn't agree with George's brother. b. Because they were shocked by what had happened. 2. What is Maplethorpe council going to do? a. Order the body to be re-buried in a cemetery. b. Nothing. Discuss the questions below in pairs: 1. Was Frank Ramsbottom right to make the speech? 2. "You should never speak ill of the dead." Do you
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TAI UPINT Death - Death Introduction Do you find this...

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