TAI UPINT Changing sex - Changing sex Language and...

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Changing sex Language and discussion Put words from the list into the diagram below, according to whether you think these character traits are predominantly male, or female, or both male and female. Use a dictionary if necessary. gentle passionate reckless practical sensitive aggressive mysterious emotional logical reliable talkative manipulative devious straightforward sympathetic loving efficient intuitive Talk about your choices in small groups. For example: "Women tend to be more sensitive than men." (Notice 'tend to' makes your statement less definite.) Reading Read the article below and answer these questions: 1. Why was Lisa Jones banned from the pub? 2. Will she go back to the pub now? LANDLORD PAYS OUT OVER TRANSSEXUAL BAN' The British pub landlord has who has been living as a female always had the right to choose for the last 18 months, had never who he serves drinks to. But that gone to the Jacob's Well as a right may have ended yesterday man but started going recently when David Woodhead, landlord with a friend. of the Jacob's Well pub in After her first appearance, Honley, West Yorkshire, decided customers began to feel to remove his ban on customer uncomfortable about sharing Lisa Jones rather than face a conversations with her. Women court case and charges of sexual customers in particular were
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TAI UPINT Changing sex - Changing sex Language and...

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