TAI UPINT Gay families - Discussion What legal rights do...

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Discussion Reading What legal rights do gays have in your country? Read the article below and choose the best 1. Can they get married? headline. 2. Can they inherit from a partner? US ALLOWS ADOPTION BY GAYS 3. Can they adopt children? GAY FATHERS FACE DISCRIMINATION 4. Can they get a mortgage on a house together? OUTRAGE AS GAYS PLAN THIRD CHILD A few months ago millionaire couple Tony Barlow and Barrie Drewitt shocked many people when they became the first gay couple to father children. The couple had twin girls, Aspen and Saffron, using eggs donated by a woman who wished to help the men have their own family. Adoption agencies in Britain had decided the couple were unsuitable parents, but the men went to the United States where they had more success. They had no problem finding a surrogate mother and the girls were born in Los Angeles the following year. After complex legal arguments, the US Supreme Court ruled that the men could be named as the parents on the twins' birth certificates. When the children were brought back to Britain, the men faced further legal difficulties as the British authorities refused to grant automatic entry rights to the twins. Despite all these problems, the men have now provoked further outrage from those who claim to defend traditional family values as they havg announced that they intend to have a third child.
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TAI UPINT Gay families - Discussion What legal rights do...

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