TAI UPINT Immigration and racism - Immigration and racism -...

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Immigration and racism - Discussion Discuss these questions in small groups: 1. What different ethnic groups are there in your town 1 region? 2. Where have they come from and why? 3. Does your country offer help to refugees? If so, are you happy that your taxes help to support them? Reading Read the article and decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F): 1. The villagers don't mind that the refugees are living nearby. 2. Little Hurling was the only place the refugees could go. ASYLUM SEEKERS provided accommodation for seekers. They are afraid that There was trouble yesterday them. But Little Hurling is if they return home, they will in the village of Little not the place they should be. be killed or persecuted. After Hurling in Kent as 150 It would be better if they were the terrible time they have Kosovar refugees amved to in a large town or city." had in their own country, they stay in the Hurling Business Amanda Parker-White, 52, need some Peace and quiet to Centre just outside the leader of the village help them recover." village. Local people, upset committee, said: ''There is no "Unfortunately, there was no
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TAI UPINT Immigration and racism - Immigration and racism -...

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