TAI UPINT It should be banned - It should be banned!...

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It should be banned! Discussion Here is a list of some things which are banned in some countries, but are allowed in others. In pairs or small groups, discuss whether they are banned in your country and then compare with others in your class: smoking inside public buildings topless sunbathing smoking marijuana abortion pills parents smacking children selling alcohol on election day If some or all of the things above are not banned in your country, do you think they should be? Why I why not? Reading Read these articles and answer the questions below each one with a partner: WOMAN ARRESTED ON RIO BEACH FOX HUNT SABOTEURS ARRESTED A young woman was arrested yesterday for using Two men and a woman were arrested by police after only one part of her two-part bikini. Brazilians are pulling a man off his horse. causing him to break his famous for their love of the beach. and wear very arm. The incident happened as the three tried to stop small bikinis but topless sunbathing is still not a fox-hunt going ahead in the Sussex countryside in . allowed. Police used to have a 'look the other way' the south of England. policy but local authorities have begun to enforce the Several minutes of arguing had preceded the attack controversial law which forbids nudity. The woman when the small group arrived with bells and whistles was unrepentant after her arrest: "This is Brazil - not to confuse the dogs and horses. "Hunting foxes is
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TAI UPINT It should be banned - It should be banned!...

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