TAI UPINT Legalising drugs - Discussion 1 M ake a list of...

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Discussion 1. Make a list of all the illegal drugs that you know: .......... a. ......... a+. 2. Which of those are soft drugs and which are hard drugs? 3. Which of the drugs in your list are dangerous? How dangerous are they? 4. Do you know different names for the same drug? 5. Do you know what the following mean? roll a joint get high smoke dope snort cocaine become addicted overdose come off drugs an addict 6. What is the law in your country regarding drugs - both possession of drugs and drug dealing? 7. Are there any drugs in your list that you think should be made legal? Which ones and why? Reading As you read through the article think of the answer to this question: If you were on the panel, would you have come to the same conclusion? GRASS IS GOOD FOR YOU A panel of doctors, economists, parents and police officers in the United States has decided that drugs should be made legal. Their conclusions took into account factors of crime, medicine and even prison space. "We have a prison population of over 10 million in this country. Many of those are in jail ford= related crime, such as the sale or possession of illegal substances", said an officer of the Chicago Police Force. Because of new, tough laws, currently 3 out of 5 people in prison are there because of drug-related crimes, which means little space is left for violent criminals, the ones the
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TAI UPINT Legalising drugs - Discussion 1 M ake a list of...

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