TAI UPINT Nudity - Vocabulary Nude /Naked - both words mean...

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Vocabulary Nude /Naked - both words mean wearing no clothes. For example: He was completely naked. She was standing there, in the nude. Naturism is the activity of not wearing any clothes because you believe it is more natural or healthy. The people who do this are called nudists or naturists. Discussion How would you react in the following situations? Would you laugh, be embarrassed, cover your eyes, have a good look, or do something else? 1. You are watching a football match when a 4. You are at the beach with your family. A man naked woman runs onto the pitch and stops and a woman put their towels near you, rake the game. off all their clothes and lie down to sunbathe. 2. Some new friends of yours have a sauna. After 5. You are invited to dinner by some people you dinner, they suggest you all relax and chat in don't know very well. After dinner, they show the sauna. When you are getting ready, you you their holiday photographs. They had been discover that you are expected to be naked. to a naturist resort in the south of France. The pictures leave nothing to the imagination! 3. You are shopping in the main street of your town. You notice a man walking down the 6. Your new boyfriend/girlfriend suggests going to street. He is not wearing any clothes, but is the beach. When you get there, it's a nudist carrying a shopping bag. beach. Reading Answer these questions. Then read the article to find out the answers. 1.
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TAI UPINT Nudity - Vocabulary Nude /Naked - both words mean...

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