TAI UPINT Nobody needs a gun - Discussion I n Britain it is...

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Discussion In Britain it is illegal to have a gun without a licence. Following the Dunblane massacre in Scotland in 1996, when a madman killed almost an entire class of primary school children and their teacher, the laws on gun possession have become very strict. The same is not true in the United States, where many more atrocities involving guns, such as the Columbine incident described below, have taken place. 1. Has anything like Dunblane or Columbine happened in your country? 2. Can you remember any similar incidents in the news? Read the slogan of the United States National Rifle Association (NRA), which has a lot of political influence in the US. 3. What do you think about an organisation that has this as its slogan? 4. Are guns legal in your country? Are they easy to get? 5. Do you or does anyone you know own a gun? Why? Why not? Reading On April 20, 1999, two teenage boys at Columbine High School near Denver, Colorado, USA, shot over 30 fellow students, killing 12 of them - before taking their own lives. The following point of view was posted on an interactive website a few days later by someone from Britain. Read the text, then answer the questions below. THE COLUMBINE MASSACRE What is it going to take for America to get the message? How many more young lives are we going to see wasted? How can the pro-gun lobby in the US
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TAI UPINT Nobody needs a gun - Discussion I n Britain it is...

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