TAI UPINT Sex for sale - Discussion 1 Match the words on...

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Discussion 1. Match the words on the left with the definitions on the right: Should we legalise brothels? 1. a prostitute a. someone paid to go out socially with other people 2. a pimp b. a house where men pay to have sex with prostitutes 3. a red-light district c. a person who agrees to have sex in return for money 4. a brothel d. part of a town where there are many prostitutes 5. a kerb-crawler e. a man who controls prostitutes and lives off their earnings 6. an escort f. a man who drives slowly along a road looking for a sexual4iaison Is prostitution a problem where you live? Is there a red-light district in your town? Read the information in the box and discuss the questions in pairs or small What is the law in your country? property is not breaking the law. Do you think it is too strict, too lenient or about right? Why? However, it is illegal for a prostitute How would you feel if you found out that a close Read the two articles to see if these statements are correct: to work, or to ask for work, in a public place. If two or more women sell sex in a single property, it is 1. The police officer would like to have stricter laws on prostitution. 2. The local councillor would like to relax the laws on prostitution. friend or a member of your family was working as
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TAI UPINT Sex for sale - Discussion 1 Match the words on...

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