TAI UPINT Swearing - "When angry, count to a hundred;...

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"When angry, count to a hundred; when very angry, swear." Mark Twain Discussion Work in pairs and compare your answers to the following questions: 1. How often do you swear? 2. What swear words do you use most often? 3. Are there any swear words you would never use? Why? 4. In what situations would you try to avoid swearing? 5. Are you ever offended, upset or annoyed when other people swear? Read the articles below. Tick (J) the true sentences. Martha Johnson was sacked from her job. 2. Mr Slater feels that he has to swear at work. 3. John Ashford was arrested for swearing. 4. He is going to jail for 90 days. What would you say? Would you swear in the following situations? What would you say? You take some milk out of the fridge, but drop it on the floor. 2. You are carrying two pints of beer in a bar. ,, /' Someone bumps into you and you spill the beer down your trousers. 3. You miss the bus to work by a few seconds. 4. Somebody drives into the back of your brand new car. 5. Your phone bill is double the normal amount. PART OF HIS PERSONALITY something about the awful A sales executive has taken her language. At least now I am in a ex-boss to an industrial court place where people show respect claiming that his swearing forced for each other." her to quit her job. For over six Mr Slater told the court that bad months Martha Johnson. 43. put language was part of his
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TAI UPINT Swearing - "When angry, count to a hundred;...

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