TAI UPINT The death penalty - The death penalty Discussion...

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The death penalty i Discussion Work in pairs. Discuss these questions: Do you have the death penalty in your country? If so, for what offences? How is it carried out? If not, what the severest punishment that can be given? I Did you know that on ( average someone I executed every three days in the USA? Reading Read the text below and answer these questions: 1. How did the writer feel about the death penalty before the attack? 2. How does the writer feel now? My sister was walking home from work two years ago when two men stopped her and tried to steal her handbag. She resisted and they stabbed her in the heart. The police caught them. They were found guilty of murder and they're now in prison. That's when I changed my views on the death penalty. .' Before that, it was pretty easy to be liberal and to say that I didn't believe in capital punishment. But not now. There was no doubt that the police caught my sister's killers: there n were eye witnesses; there was forensic evidence. I thought those guys should die for what they did. They not only took her life, they changed the lives of her family and friends. The lives of her husband and her two little children will never ever be the same. Some people say that if you execute a murderer you become a murderer yourself, but that's not the way I see it. If you take someone's life, you lose the right to keep your own. If you murder
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TAI UPINT The death penalty - The death penalty Discussion...

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