TAI UPINT Telling lies - ing lies - Discussion Work in...

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ing lies - Discussion Work in pairs. Choose one of the subjects below to talk about for two minutes. During the discussion try to tell one lie to your partner. At the end of the discussion, tell your partner what you think he or she has lied about. holidays schools work sport travel a hobby Is it possible to go through life only telling the truth? Read the article quickly. Decide whether these sentences are true (T) or false (F). 1. Lord Archer went to school at Wellington College. 2. At one time he lost a lot of money. 3. He was involved with a prostitute. ARCHER GOES Jeffrey Archer pulled out yesterday from the election to become mayor of London after 'admitting that he had persuaded a friend to lie for him in court in 1986. He could now face criminal * charges. This is, of course, not the first time that Archer has been economical with the truth. Early in his political career the rumour spread that he had attended the famous Berkshire school, Wellington College. In fact, he had studied at the far more ordinary Wellington School in Somerset. It was also widely believed that he had studied for an MA at Oxford University. In reality, he took part of a postgraduate diploma course - a course for which he was not qualified. Elected to Parliament in 1969, he was said to be the youngest MP ever. Not true. There is no doubting his ability to make money. By
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TAI UPINT Telling lies - ing lies - Discussion Work in...

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