TAI UPINT Vanity - Discussion In your experience are the...

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Discussion In your experience, are the following statements true or not? 1. Men are more interested in their appearance than women. 2. Women talk to their friends about how they look. Men don't. 3. Women like to go shopping with other women. 4. Men prefer to go clothes shopping alone. They are afraid to ask a woman to help them. 5. Men spend more on cosmetics than 10 years ago. Reading Read the first part of the article and underline all the different things that men do to make themselves 'beautiful': MEN'S BEAUTY IS BIG BUSINESS If you think the world of face creams, one enthusiastic beauty consultant. Body beautiful fingernails and silky-smooth hair removal, manicures, pedicures, teeth legs is exclusively female, think again. As whitening and liposuction, to name just a sales of men's health and fashion few, are all now in high demand. Modem magazines continue to grow at a huge man is even plucking his eyebrows to rate, more and more men are queueing up complete the well-groomed experience. at health spas and gyms for complete So, what is the explanation for this? Why make-overs. "Lots of men are no longer are men spending more on pampering embarrassed to use products or services their bodies than on CD collections and that make them look and feel better," said DVDs? Compare what you
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TAI UPINT Vanity - Discussion In your experience are the...

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