UPINT Eastern vs Western Medicine

UPINT Eastern vs Western Medicine - Eastern v. Western...

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Unformatted text preview: Eastern v. Western Medicine: 80 min. University Lesson Teacher Day Time Branch TA Class Resources needed: Copies of handouts (below) Aim: Students will be focused on the ideas of being sick and taking medicine in preparation for the rest of the class Stage: Warm-up Time: 2-3 mins Method: Create Interest Teacher begins by answering a student question such as, How are you? or What did you do this weekend? with a response of, Oh, Im OK but Im sick. I have a cold. Teacher transitions into talking about medicine. Maybe say that youve been taking medicine for your cold and it is/isnt working. Have Students brainstorm anything they know about medicine to judge their level of vocabulary on the topic. Comments Aim: Students will have a grasp of what is medicine and that it differs between cultures Stage: Introduction Time: 6-10 mins Method: Reading Teacher will break the class into smaller groups and hand out the introduction (below) to each Student. Students will read through the introduction as a group and summarize its meaning. Give Students 3-5 minutes to do this and then each group should report back to the class their interpretation of the introduction passage Comments Aim: Students will be introduced to the concept of Eastern medicine and be able to use key terms that relate to the topic Stage: Present Time: 10-15 mins Method: Elicit, define, discuss Teacher introduces the concept of Eastern medicine. Write it on the board. (Perhaps you talk about a personal experience with acupuncture or ask how you should cure your cold) Ask the students what they know about Chinese medical beliefs and practices. (Could put them in groups to brainstorm and then have one student report back to the class for larger classes) Teacher writes main points made by students on the board If Students are struggling to come up with terms, give them some help. Write your own words on the board and define them for the class. If a Student knows a Chinese term, allow them to look it up in their dictionary and attempt to translate it. Your list should look something like this: Energy (Qi) Pattern of symptoms Many reasons for an illness Healthy= balance Lifestyle Self-care=prevention Illness=imbalance Stress Harmony Mind and Body Herbal medicine Acupuncture Ask Students to explain the beliefs behind certain terms. Encourage a good discussion at this point (Refer to chart below comparing Eastern and Western medicine. This will give you a crash course in the two practices and an idea of what you are trying to elicit from your students. You can also print this out as a handout for advanced Ss) Comments Aim: Students will be able to equate Eastern Medicine terms with their definition Stage: Practice Time: 5-7 mins Method: Matching worksheet Teacher hands out the matching worksheet (below) so Ss can further learn and practice the terms from the previous stage Go over the worksheet as a class...
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UPINT Eastern vs Western Medicine - Eastern v. Western...

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