Contrast and Comparison

Contrast and Comparison - but the ±ity has pollution and...

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C comparison/contrast Essay c The ±ountry lifestyle and ±ity lifestyle have a lot of differen±es, so we saw them su±h as work, the enviroment and the entertaiment. Let me tell about these below. e The first differen±e is work. Both of them people usually work , but how they work different . To begin with, farmers work outside and harvest. Employee of the ±ompany work inside and work on ma±hine. Se±ond, the ±ountry has small markets and the ±ity has big markets. The third way, is the people in ±ountry don't need more money. Everytime, they need to buy something , they ±an trade ea±h other su±h as ri±e,±. ..But the people in the ±ity make more money be±ause they need more thing su±h as food, fish,et±. . m Next, it is the environment . The two pla±es have different environments. First, the ±ountry is quiet, but the ±ity is noisy . Se±ond, the ±ountry has ±lear ±limate and few vehi±les ;
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Unformatted text preview: but the ±ity has pollution and too many vehi±les. Finally, one has ±ows and their life is pea±eful , but the other doesn't have ±ows and their life is stressful. d Finally, of it is the entertaitment. They have very big different . The people in ±ountry have few friend , but the people in the ±ity have a lot of friends, Next, the ±ountry has a few theatre but the ±ity has a lot of theatre. Third, the ±ountry doesn't have ±ollege but the ±ity has a lot of ±olleges.for example, the people in the ±ountry go to the ±ity to learn. t All of it told above su±h as work, enviroment, entertainment usually show the different between of them. The ±ountry is quiet but the ±ity is bustling. All in all,. the both of them have spe±ial qualities. h h...
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Contrast and Comparison - but the ±ity has pollution and...

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