Parking Planning - The University of _ Parking Deck Project...

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The University of ___________ Parking Deck Project Principals of Planning P GE 310 Fall 1996 F The University of ________________ has been confronted with claims of parking shortages over the past several years. Many of these claims were not supported by any facts or figures that explained the cause of the parking shortages. In fact, some of the claims of insufficient parking were based on students not being able to locate parking spaces in the parking lots adjacent to their first class. Due to recent and projected enrollment increases, there now exist a genuine parking shortage. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to evaluate the current parking, plan for future parking needs, and propose possible locations for increased parking spaces at the University of ______________. i The 1996 enrollment for the University of ______________ is 4,960. The enrollment increased approximately twelve (12) students from the 1995 enrollment. There are currently 2,303 total parking spaces on University property. The University Master Plan recommends one parking space for every 1.8 students. The student enrollment, (divided by) the number of students per parking space, (equals) the number of recommended parking spaces. t 1996 Enrollment . ....................... 4,960 Students Per Parking Space. ........ / 1.8 (Divided by) Recommended Parking Spaces. .. = 2,756 R Recommended Parking Spaces. . 2,756 Current Parking Spaces. ............. - 2,303 (Minus) Shortage of Parking Spaces. ..... = 453 S The number of Students Per Parking Space ( 1.8 ) is based on a national average of University parking. This formula shows that the University is currently deficient 453 parking spaces. The existing parking areas are positioned at various locations on the campus of the University. These parking lots vary in size from 6 to 294 spaces. Many of the parking areas are located in the heart of the University. This allows for easy accessibility but it takes away from the aesthetic beauty of the campus. The
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Parking Planning - The University of _ Parking Deck Project...

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