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Assignments (41) - Copy - Copy

Assignments (41) - Copy - Copy - Assignments You have three...

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Assignments You have three assignments . Assignment 1 Work in groups of no more than 6 of your fellow countrymen/women. Complete the data sheet for your country called “ knowyourcountry.xls ” (already loaded on the e-learning platform.” See below for recommended links and data sources. You may also consult the library staff for assistance. They are familiar with the data sources and your assignment. To be submitted: Nothing. This is an input for the following assignments. It will help familiarize you with the data sources that you will need in this and other courses. It will also deepen your understanding for classroom discussions. Deadline : November 4. Assignment 2 Work in country groups (same as assignment 1) Each group will research, analyze, and submit its arguments for the major institutional, environmental, social and economic challenges (both competitive and at a macro level) faced by its country. I also place a suggested methodology and framework (see “methandframe.doc” on the e-learning platform) to organize yourselves and present research results. To be submitted: A consensual country report stating the major challenges to be met for the country to develop in the medium to long term. It must not be more than 10 pages long including
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  • Fall '08
  • Millennium Development Goals, incae library=, World Business Council for Sustainable Development Sustainability Instituto

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