Math 121A - Fall 2001 - Tokman - Midterm 1

Math 121A - Fall 2001 - Tokman - Midterm 1 - 05/17/2002 FRI...

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Unformatted text preview: 05/17/2002 FRI 09:38 FAX 6434330 MOFFITT LIBRARY 001 Midterm #1 Math 121A (Section 2) — Fall 2001 'T‘cakmoth Each problem counts 10 points Problem # 1. Find all solutions of the equation Z3 i —8%} write them in a polar (|z|ei“g("‘)) and rectangular (Re(z) +i1m(z)) forms and plot them in the complex plane. Problem #79 2. Find the sum of the series 0M6+i%_bdfi+fl3+Uflfi+fl5+u£:§:b%wfifl6+flhfl 72:0 3! 5! Qn+1fl and write it in a rectangular form R.e(z) + iIm(z). Problem # 3. Find the first three terms of the two—variable Maciaurin series for sinh(my) l —1— x23; ' Write down both the derivation and the final answer! Problem # 4. (a) Derive the formula Minn—1(2) 2 éln 1+ Z 1_z from the definition of tanh z (or definitions of sinhz and cosh z). (b) Use the derived formula to compute temhfi1 (i) I 05/17/2002 FRI 09:39 FAX 6434330 MOFFITT LIBRARY 002 2 Problem # 5. Find the interval of convergence of the following series (including end points tests! ): Justify your answer by mentioning the theorems/ tests that you use to draw con- clusions about convergence, and state explicitly if the convergence is absolute or conditional. Problem # 6. Compute dz/dt given 2 = my, :6 :sint, y : tent. Problem # 7. Does the following series converge? i713 w lnn “:1 2” + 1071 Justify your answer by mentioning the theorems/ tests that you use to draw conclu— sions about convergence. ...
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