Bio204_F09 - BIOLOGY 204 FALL 2009 LECTURE SYLLABUS Waters...

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1 BIOLOGY 204 FALL 2009 LECTURE SYLLABUS Waters/ Hedin/ Berta MWF - NH 100, 12:00-12:50 <> Course Objectives: This class will provide a basic introduction to the origins and diversity of life forms. Evolution is the underlying theme with emphasis placed on presenting diversity within a phylogenetic framework. General principles of biology are covered, as well as comparative structure, physiology, nutrition, circulation, gas exchange, reproduction, and development, including major evolutionary trends. Student Learning Outcomes : After completing this course, students should be able to: 1) Explain the phylogenetic relationships and the structural and reproductive features of the major groups of life. 2) Recite the major biological processes and systems. 3) Summarize the significant ecological relationships of life. 4) Understand the nature of scientific research. Students will be assessed for the above skills by written exams and quizzes. Instructors : This class is team-taught to provide expertise in the areas of 1) evolution, microbes, basal eukaryotes, fungi, “algae” and plants (Dr. Waters), 2) invertebrate animals (Dr. Hedin), and 3) vertebrate animals (Dr. Berta). Dr. Berta will coordinate the class and is responsible for all administrative duties (e.g., add/drop, discussion of course rules, etc.). Questions regarding specifics of course content should be directed to the appropriate instructor. As noted below under Final Grades, questions regarding your final grade should be directed to Dr. Hedin . Instructors Office Office Hours Phone Email Dr. Elizabeth Waters LS 208 Mon 1-2* 594-7036 [email protected] Dr. Marshal Hedin LS 204F Tues 11-1* 594-6230 [email protected] Dr. Annalisa Berta LS 250 MW 10-11* 594-5392 [email protected] *or by appointment Required Printed Materials : Biology (8th edition) by Campbell & Reece, Benjamin Cummings, New York, 2008 - available at Aztec Shops and KB books. Lecture Expectations: Much of the material covered in lecture is also covered in the text (see lecture schedule), but most lectures will offer greater detail or cover material not in the text. Thus, please try to attend all lectures . Read the assigned material prior to class, as this will make lectures much easier to follow and fully comprehend. Do not talk or use cell phones during lectures- this is disruptive and discourteous to everyone else. Turn off cell phones and pagers during class . If you must leave before the conclusion of lecture, please do so quietly. Blackboard
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Bio204_F09 - BIOLOGY 204 FALL 2009 LECTURE SYLLABUS Waters...

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