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Bio 1030 Lecture Exam 2 Study Guide 1 BIOLOGY 1030 LECTURE EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE This is a study outline for Lecture Exam 2. I expect you to complete the entire outline using the powerpoints posted on my faculty webpage found on the Motlow website and class notes. Examine the powerpoint presentations on a computer screen, do not expect to be able to successfully study exclusively from printed notepages. If you do not have a computer, go to a local library or the Smyrna campus of Motlow and use a computer somewhere in the building. To avoid low exam grades in the future, you should study at least one hour every day or every other day for course material to go into long- term memory. Since you do not have homework assignments or frequent quizzes, you must review the powerpoints. Photosynthesis What is photosynthesis? Where does photosynthesis occur in plant cells? What are Chlorophyll and Carotenoids? Light absorption – what colors are absorbed and what colors are reflected? What are the major steps of photosynthesis? Generally what happens in each step? Is ATP involved in photosynthesis? What is ATP synthase? What do molecules of NADPH do?
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Bio1030Exam2StudyGuide - Bio 1030 Lecture Exam 2 Study...

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