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Biology During lecture, I embed bonus questions pertaining to information that we’ve covered during class. Students respond using their clickers, and they earn points toward their final point total for each question that they answer correctly. I elect to display the distribution of answers so that students know how their level of understanding compares to their peers’. If a majority of the students miss the answer (as in this example—the correct answer is C), I will review the material, often taking an alternative approach to my original explanation.
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To encourage students to study lecture material in between exams, I administer a weekly quiz. To conserve both paper and time, I project the quiz onto the screen and have students enter their responses on their clickers.
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Unformatted text preview: Afterwards, we discuss the correct answers. In this series of survey slides, I set the clicker software to record student responses in the “Anonymous” mode. In this mode, student identification is not linked with their individual clickers. Since students know this, they are more likely to respond to the prompts honestly. Unsurprisingly, more students agree with the first statement regarding the use of gene therapy to treat debilitating genetic disorders than with the other two statements. As the consensus of the class changes with each prompt, I invite students to discuss why their individual opinion might have changed. As discussion ensues, it becomes obvious to them just how slippery a slope this area of bioethics is....
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CurrentsV2N1MarlowetalAppx1 - Afterwards we discuss the...

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