Ecology_and_Evolution Spring_2006_Syllabus

Ecology_and_Evolution Spring_2006_Syllabus - Biology 116,...

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Biology 116, Ecology and Evolution Spring 2006 Time and Location: BioSci 111, Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30-9:45 Professors: Dr. Emily Bernhardt, B234 LSRC, [email protected] Dr. John Willis, 072-A Bio Sci Building, [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Ed Venit, 0071 Bio Sci Building, [email protected] Young Wha Lee, 064 Bio Sci Building, [email protected] Texts for Lecture: readings for ecology will be posted as pdfs on Blackboard readings for evolution will be from Evolution textbook by Douglas J. Futuyma Lecture Schedule Week 1: January 12 Introduction to Ecology & Evolution Bernhardt/Willis Week 2: January 17 Individual/Physiological Ecology Bernhardt January 19 Organism Stoichiometry, from Genes to Ecosystems Bernhardt Week 3: January 24 Population Ecology, growth and regulation Bernhardt January 26 Population Ecology, Life history Bernhardt Week 4: January 31 Evidence for Evolution, Natural Selection Willis February 2 Genetic Variation in Mendelian Populations Willis Week 5: February 7 Natural Selection Willis February 9 Mutation and Natural Selection Willis Week 6: February 14 EXAM I February 16 Natural Selection and the Maintenance of Variation Willis Week 7: February 21 Random Genetic Drift Willis February 23 Evolution in Subdivided Populations Willis Week 8: February 28 Molecular Evolution Willis March 2 Genome Evolution Willis Week 9: March 7 Evolution of Complex Genetic Traits & Sexual Selection Willis March 9 Altruism, Kin Selection, & the Evolution of Social Behavior Willis Week 10: March 14 Spring Break March 16 Spring Break Week 11: March 21 Evolution of Reproductive Isolating Barriers Willis
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March 23 Genetics and the Patterns of Speciation Willis Week 12 March 28 EXAM II March 30 Community Ecology: Competition
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Ecology_and_Evolution Spring_2006_Syllabus - Biology 116,...

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